1. Jewelry, watches & pins, Accessories are not exchangeable and not refundable.
  2. Replacement and refunds are limited to manufacturing defects if repair is not possible or the same item is not in the seller’s store.
  3. When we are properly notified of any valid claim based on any manufacturing defect, we have the right to repair or replace products (or the defective part thereof) free of charge if the defect found is a manufacturing defect according to the manufacturer’s report, or we may decide, at our own discretion, to refund the price of the goods to you , But we will not take any other responsibility towards you. We will do our best to return the repaired or replaced product to you within a minimum of (3) months from the day the merchandise is received for repair.
  4. In the event that you are entitled to benefit from any guarantee in the manner granted by the manufacturer, importer or distributor of the product or part of it, provided to us or directly to you, then you will only have a direct claim against the manufacturer, its importer or distributor or any other representative of the State of Qatar If you have the right to such a direct claim; In the event of a lawsuit against us, our responsibility will be limited according to the manufacturer, importer or distributor warranty only
  5. All exchange and refund have supported by warranty card, if available and customer invoice copy.
  6. The refund will be initiated only to the customer bank account and all the refund will be made within 30 days after the approval of refund subject to the bank approval.
  7. We will  be  liable,  and  you  are  entitled  to  terminate  the  contract  and  obtain  a  full  refund, if delivery does not take place within 3 calendar days after your order, unless we have agreed on a longer lead time.
  8. Replacement of the item will be subject to the availability of the items with the retailer / manufacturer in case of failure to repair
  9. In any case manufacturer stop the production of a item for exchange, the customer can either can demand refund or can make new purchase for the same /higher amount. The customer has to pay if there is any balance due on the new purchase.
  10. If the requested goods are not readily available with the retailer in exchange for exchange and delivery requires importing the goods from the original manufacturer, the delivery time will be subject to the availability of the commodity in Qatar from the manufacturer.
  11. Any refund of products or services purchased under promotional offers will result in a refund of the promotional price only “if we decide to return the price to you
  12. Incase upon delivery and after payment item need to be returned or changed / or client didn’t accept to receive the ordered item Cash purchases will be refunded against cash. Bank Cards purchases (Credit/Debit) will be refunded against the Bank Card (Credit/Debit) used for the original purchase