Within the watch industry, the issue of water resistance has witnessed no significant breakthrough for 130 years. Invented in 1885, the 0-type sealing ring – with all its inherent disadvantages including age-related deterioration, inconsistent efficiency and costly servicing – continues to equip even the most modern watches.
After three years of research and development, MAURON MUSY reveals its world-first nO-Ring® technology. A truly disruptive innovation, this patented system relegates gaskets to the rank of historical curiosity. Based on the principle of mechanical sealing technology, this 100% Swiss Crafted device can legitimately be regarded as a “watch exterior complication”. No less than 36 components – including clamp braces and satellite compression springs – endow the case with perfect gasket-free water resistance. A solution whose brilliance lies in the unprecedented miniaturization and adaptation of the device to watchmaking.

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