Bedat & Co

BEDAT & CO GENEVE was founded by Madame Simone Bédat. A Swiss national with a lifetime of experience working at the very top of the Swiss luxury timepiece industry. Inspired by the aesthetic traditions of the Art deco era with femininity at its very core, a BEDAT & CO GENEVE timepiece radiates elegance, functionality and beauty.

Thanks to the unswerving collaboration with the very best experts that collectively reflect the 500 years of genius horological mastery in the finest art of traditional Swiss watchmaking, hence explains the ‘& Co‘ in the company name.

The superb attention to every detail during the crafting and design process gives each BEDAT & CO GENEVE timepiece poetry as well as function; Madame Bédat’s passion and vision has always been to produce designs that captivate every successful, independently minded and cosmopolitan woman. It is an extension of the brand DNA crafted from an intimate understanding of the way women think;

BEDAT & CO GENEVE seeks to always channel the unique aesthetic vision and belief in comfort, emotion and function into a single entity for the wrist and in so doing to captivate women. This is very important while the majority of the industry creates smaller-scale men’s watches and markets these for women.

BEDAT & CO GENEVE from its very conception is totally dedicated to creating extraordinary designs unique to women.

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