the remarkable success of the AUtore Group is testament to the innovative vision of one man – rosario Autore. the founder and principal driving force behind the Group, rosario has been involved in the South Sea pearling industry for over twenty years.

originally known as rosario Autore Pty ltd, the company was founded in 1991 through rosario Autore’s personal ambition to bring the best pearl farms in Australia together with the most exclusive buyers. operating out of a small office in Sydney and initially supported by just one western Australian South Sea pearl producer, rosario began exporting pearls directly to japan, the United States and europe

rosario Autore’s commitment to the industry has truly revolutionised the international wholesaling of South Sea pearls. the provision of and specialisation in developing a specific pearl grading system and valuation services, along with his ability to bring his personal approach to business, enabled rosario to position his company to be recognised and respected by wholesale buyers, retailers and consumers the world over.

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