Passion for jewellery, for design, for precious gems, the pursuit of excellence in every detail, for the art and uniqueness of the “handmade”: this is BRUMANI. This is the legacy that the family of Italian and German immigrants, with more than fifty years of tradition in jewellery, left for the Brazilian brothers Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo Brüner. A legacy of tradition, of know-how, but above all, of passion for jewellery. This is why we say that for us, intimacy with the jewels is a family asset.

It is with collections that genuinely express the multicultural vocation of Brazil, as well as the vivacity and spontaneity of the Brazilian soul, in an aesthetic concept of strong identity and personality that BRUMANI has been winning over demanding consumers in the most diverse markets around the world.

In the essence of its collections, BRUMANI creates contemporary and timeless jewellery, allowing themselves to be influenced by the attributes of the Brazilian soul, by the feminine universe, by the art world and by the exuberance of nature. “Jewels celebrate life, mark special moments and make history. We create jewellery to be part of everyday life, part of the story of each woman, so that they are enjoyed”.

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